Meet Rex

Sign,' My Kids Have Paws'

After the passing of our two dogs, one which we had for over 18 years, we decided no more dogs! It was just too much work, too expensive and so hard to say good bye. WeRex were petless for about two years, and then we met Rex. Well, we didn’t really meet him at first, it was just a  picture from ‘High Meadow Terriers, but he melted our hearts. Much conversation took place as to why we didn’t want another dog, but somehow we convinced ourselves that life would be so much better with him in it. Fast forward two years and here is Rex, our rambunctious Jack Russell Terrier. He has the best personality and disposition of any dog we have ever owned. He has never met a stranger that he didn’t like, and Rex with Ballis extremely bonded to our granddaughter. She is the one who named him, her first choice was Squirrel Dog. I could envision the neighbors hearing me call “squirrel dog, squirrel dog” and thinking, that women is nuts, so Rex won out.
He is full of mischief, loves to play ball and is always getting into things. He keeps us laughing, and he has become an important part of our family. If your looking for a Terrier, we would recommend checking out High Meadow Terriers.Rex relaxing