Perfect Party Time Line

Party Time Line



Party Time Line

When planning a party its hard to think of everything. Waiting tell the last few weeks or days before the party to pull it all together adds so much unneeded stress. It’s easier on the budget (and you)  if you plan it over time. That way you can look for bargains, do DIY projects and order supplies without having to pay for express shipping. Following a party time line will make planning a breeze. You will feel more confident and prepared, leaving you time to enjoy your special event.

Three Months Before

Set date, time and place
Pick theme and colors
Set budget
Secure venue if you are not having it at home
Secure party vendors such as bounce house, pony rides, face painters, etc.
Photographer if needed
Start researching parties ideas
Start purchasing party supplies and decorations
Name on the list of your favorite cake baker if they only do a limited number of cakes per week.

Two Months Before

Create a guest list
Continue purchasing party supplies that are non-perishable
Set up rentals of chairs and tables if needed
If making party decorations by hand, start now

One Month Before

Choose and order invitations
Collect all the addresses to mail out invitations
Order any banner(s) you need
Choose cake design and give it to baker
Continue to purchase non-perishable supplies
Plan menu
If setting up a candy buffet or dessert table, plan for that now
Rally a team if needed (delegate, delegate, delegate!

Three Weeks Before

Mail invitations and online invitations
Sketch out the party to make sure there is enough seating and tables for everyone, this will ensure that everything is going to work out as you have planned
Make sure anything that needs to be ordered has been to avoid rush shipping

Two Weeks Before

Start a  list of the people who have RSVP’d
Create a grocery list
Plan games and prizes for winners
Plan food layout
Plan location for coats, bags, and parking if needed

One Week Before

Create a playlist of music to fit the theme of the party
Check the guest list and follow-up if needed
Confirm  the number of guests
Prepare foods that can be frozen
Do a practice set up
Call all vendors to confirm
Plan location of gifts
Make a time line for party to keep things on time and running smoothly
Double check with volunteer helpers to make sure they on board with their assigned duties

Four Days Before

Put party favor bags together
Guest names on favors if needed
Deep clean house if party is at your residence

Two Days Before

Purchase all food
Start setting up party if you can
Iron linens if needed
Clean outside front entrance if needed

Day Before

Pick up rentals
Start preparing  food
Pick up fresh flowers
Set up as much of the party as you can
Light clean
Stock the guest bathroom with toilet paper and clean towels
If outside, mow the lawn and rake
Pick up birthday cake and desserts

Morning of Party

Spray for bugs if needed
Make drinks and chill
Finishing touches on decorations
Set up games
Finish all food preparation
Empty all garbage
Set out garbage containers
Make sure the birthday boy or girls has a healthy meal before party
Set aside time for you to get ready
Make sure the pets are secured if needed. Nothing is worse than a lost pet because someone left the door open. I know from experience, I send mine to daycare for the day

One Hour Before

Turn on music
Start putting food out
Light candles
Quick walk through to make sure it is the way you want it
Sit down, relax, and enjoy

Halloween Heads in a Jar

One of our crazy family traditions is on the Sunday before Halloween we all dress up in our Halloween costumes and have a dinner of hotdog mummies, worms, brains, bones, pumpkin poop, and whatever else we can come up with. This may sound crazy but it is a lot of fun. It all started with our granddaughter, because she loves Halloween so much. She always says it is her favorite holiday, but who doesn’t love free candy.

To prepare for the festivity we always decorate the house, watch a few scary movies and make some sort of homemade decoration. Last year it was a wreath for our front door. This year my husband found this cool idea for heads in a jar. We found jars at the dollar tree that were perfect to get the projected started. What I like most about them is they have no writing on the jars. When we were finished we put the Jarheads on the decorated fire-place mantel. Since the picture inside the jar is laminated it can be used year after year. Our granddaughter loves it!

Follow this link for instructions

The Best Chalk Painting Results

Chalk paint is wonderful to use, so versatile, and I love the results of the matte finish. I was attracted to the idea of no stripping, sanding, or priming. I have taken some classes from our local stockist and have learned a few tips and tricks that I want to share. One thing that I learned is that cleaning the surface of your project is one of the most important steps. I have painted several pieces of furniture and I have found these steps to be the most important ones for superior results with your Chalk Painting.

Follow this link for the steps


Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I arrived early for a class I was taking and decided to check out the Kitchen Store in the shopping complex. It is loaded with all kind of kitchen tools, food products, beautiful dishes, pots and pans that I could only dream about owning. They had several displays of thanksgiving items, but what really caught my eye were the handmade Thanksgiving centerpieces. They were on long boards and I had never seen this before, I could just envision the whole family gathering around the table. The perfect golden turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, my favorite fruit salad, stuffing in my grandmother’s antique serving bowl, homemade rolls, and my husband’s delicious  gravy. I could hear the family and guests complimenting me on the beautiful centerpiece and how the colors were a great representation of autumn and how it makes my table magnificent. As I checked the price tag I was quickly brought back to reality. There was no way I could afford or justify a $110.00 Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

I left the store empty-handed, but I could not shake that centerpiece from my mind. A few days ago I was moving some things around and came across a brown candle that I have had for years and the first thing that popped into my mind was a centerpiece on a long board. I have several used boards in the garage because I make signs with them and all kinds of spray paints and stains. So all I need to do was make a trip to the dollar tree, and I found everything I needed.

With my trusty glue gun in hand and my wire cutters I was able to make my fabulous centerpiece. I cut a board that was 5-1/2 inches wide to 34 inches long and stained it the color ‘Kona’ and put a coat of matte sealer on it. I bought two orange pumpkins and spray painted one with metallic gold the other with Ivory and taped off some of the sections and spray painted metallic gold. I glue them with craft glue to the board because hot glue gun would have melted them. I glued a candle holder in the center and then placed leaves around the edges with my hot glue gun. I filled in the empty spaces with leaves, sunflowers, a couple crows and some raffia. I used a few pieces of wheat that I had on hand for a little more texture.

I made the Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece with stuff I already had and less than $10.00 from the dollar tree. This is a simple project that doesn’t take much time and can be enjoyed for several months.

Follow this link to see pictures of my Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece