Photo-Memo Board

Photo-Memo Board

Photo-Memo Boards make great gifts for a teenager or any age, including grandparents. It’s easy to make and can be used and made in many different ways for different looks.

Materials List:

• Frame
• Chalk paint
• 220 grit sandpaper
• Matte clear enamel finish
• Foam board
• Fabric
• Iron
• Spray adhesive
• Fabric-Tac glue
• Eyelets
• Picture hanging wire
• Glazier points
• Sawtooth picture hanger




Start with any frame, I purchased a 16×20 frame from Michaels for 50% off.






Chalk Paint Chalk Paint


The first coat of paint was white chalk paint.



I plan on buying some  painters pyramid stands to make painting the edges  easier, but I have not done that yet so I use the protective corner edges that came with the frame and that worked well.

Chalk Paint

Next I put on two coats of chalk paint, the name of the color is ‘refreshing’. You can see my brush is well used. I love this brush, it holds paint well, can get into small areas, doesn’t shed bristles,  and it cleans up easily. It’s an Anne Sloan brush.

Distressing Frame

Distress the frame lightly with 220 grit sandpaper over a sand block. Wipe clean with a tac cloth.

Spray two coats of Rust-oleum Matte Clear Enamel for a protective finish (forgot to take that picture). This is my favorite finish to use as it doesn’t have a shine at all and I think it works really well with chalk paint. I purchased mine at Walmart.

Ironing Fabric

Iron the fabric for the foam board and make sure all the wrinkles are ironed out.

Elmer's Spray Adhesive



Cut the foam board to fit into the 16×20 frame. Spray the foam board with multipurpose spray adhesive. Elmer’s works well for me.





Fabric on Foam board


Place fabric over foam board working quickly, if you want a permanent bond you need to join the surface within 15 seconds. Smooth fabric and press with hands to make sure it is firmly attached in all areas.



 Fabric-Tac Glue

Glue Back of BoardAttach edges of fabric on the back side of the foam board with Fabric-Tac. This glue is amazing, I have even repaired my running shoes with it.
Screw in Eyelets
Place eyelets in the frame. I pre-drilled holes and started 1 inch from the top of frame.

Run wire through eyelets

Run wire through the eyelets and tighten so there is just a little slack.

Sawtooth Picture Hanger

Place sawtooth picture hanger on the back of frame.

Glazier Points

I used glazier points to hold the foam board  in place.

Michael’s had paper flower kits on clearance for $2.49 for 5 flowers, I thought they would make a cute accent. The directions are terrible and the paper tears easily.

Add some cute clothes pins and you are done!


Photo-Memo Board

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