End Of Summer Tradition


Family Tradition One of our family traditions is the girls get together and go to lunch at the end of summer and spend the afternoon together. We have always gone to Beverly’s and have never been disappointed, until this year. When we arrived at the restaurant it was not very busy, even though it was 12:30 p.m. I was thinking to myself, ‘we beat the rush, that’s great’ and then we discovered why.

Summer Tradition Summer Tradition The food was good but not as spectacular as it has been in past years and the presentation was lacking. Usually it is such a happy place and they make you feel so welcome and special, not so much this year. The service was not up to their standard. I had to ask for bread, the waiter couldn’t find a dessert menu and he never checked with us to see how our food was. From start to finish we were there for over two hours, which is a little much since we had a 7month old and 7 year old with us. Thank goodness the kids were well behaved so the wait wasn’t a big problem. The one thing I missed was the complementary huckleberry lemonade they usually serve in small glasses.

On the bright side the French Onion soup was delicious. Everyone enjoyed their meal and they made Sara’s meal dairy free which I thought was very nice that she was able to get what she wanted.  We did find out that they are having some management changes, so maybe that why it wasn’t up to standard. The view of the lake was beautiful and spending time with the girls can never happen too often. It is wonderful to take time out of everyones busy schedule to spend time together and be thankful we live in such a beautiful area.

Usually we walk around town and look at all the changes that have taken place, but this year it was raining so we didn’t do that. Instead we went to Paris In Blue, a boutique in town that is filled with unique items from baby stuff and Oprah’s favorites to special chocolates. She always has new items each time I have been there so it never gets boring. Sienna bought a collectors stuffed mouse from Paris with her allowance that she had been saving. On the way home we decided that we would give Beverly’s another try next year and hope it’s back to the Beverly’s we remember and love.

Summer Tradition

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