Organizing My Life – Week One

Read my blog on De-cluttering My Life to see how I got to this point.

My linen closet is done and I’m happy with the way it turned out. Everything is in its place, It’s labeled and I can open the door without cringing. I know I will save time and energy next  time I need to find a certain tablecloth. When we have guests spending the night I won’t have to make excuses for the mess in my closet, and that’s a lot less stress! I’m ready to tackle the next area. Organizing is a commitment and with a routine it will become a lifestyle. This is week one of organizing my life.



Sorting Containers

Sorting Containers

Wire Shelves, I hate them!

Wire Shelves

Foam Board and Contact Paper for a New Look

Covering the shelves
Closet with Labels

Finished Closet
Cleaning Supplies in Old Container

Cleaning Supplies
New Container for Cleaning Supplies

New Painted Container
Chalk Painted Container with Label

Chalk Painted w/Label
Finished Linen Closet

Finished Linen Closet

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