Mindful Eating

I received Fred Myers My Magazine in the mail yesterday and in it was a great article about mindful eating, so I thought I would share part of the article with you.

People often eat in such a hurry and finish an entire meal in less than 15 minutes. Often multitasking on the computer, watching TV, reading a book, or having a conversation, not even paying attention or really tasting the food we are eating. As a result, we often over-eat, missing the signals our body gives us to let us know we are full and to stop.  Dr. Bays has several suggestions on how to break this habit. Start small, with one mindful meal a week.

Carving out time
Set aside time just for eating, a half hour would be great but if this is not possible spurts of ten or even five minutes are ok. Turn off the computer, TV, phone and avoid any other distractions and concentrate on what you are eating.

Notice your food
Slow down, you need to notice what you are eating, there are no hard and fast rules.  Simply observing your food can help you be fully present in the moment says Dr Chenug.  Notice the color, shape, texture and smell, you will most likely enjoy your food more.

Making healthy choices
The basic principles of mindful eating are slowing down, noticing your food and being present in the moment which will naturally lead to healthier eating. By giving eating your full attention you become aware of how certain foods affect your body or emotions and your body’s natural clues that let you know when to start and stop eating. We re-discover our own body’s wisdom about eating and health. Experts believe there is a re-awakening of the connection between mind and stomach.

In a perfect world I would eat at a designated eating place like the dinning room, free of all distractions.Turn my phone off! Serve my meal on nice dinnerware, cloth napkins and take a few second to give thanks. Before I started, I would inhale the aroma of the freshly cooked food and savor each morsel, putting the fork down in between bits. I would try to make it a special occasion. Life can get so crazy with different schedules and everyone going in different directions, it makes it very hard to eat mindfully, but it is something I’m going to try because I’m sure it can make a difference. I will try to make my world a little more perfect.

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