Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece
I arrived early for a class I was taking and decided to check out the Kitchen Store in the shopping complex. It is loaded with all kind of kitchen tools, food products, beautiful dishes, pots and pans that I could only dream about owning. They had several displays of thanksgiving items, but what really caught my eye were the handmade Thanksgiving centerpieces. They were on long boards and I had never seen this before, I could just envision the whole family gathering around the table. The perfect golden turkey, fluffy mashed potatoes, my favorite fruit salad, stuffing in my grandmother’s antique serving bowl, homemade rolls, and my husband’s delicious  gravy. I could hear the family and guests complimenting me on the beautiful centerpiece and how the colors were a great representation of autumn and how it makes my table magnificent. As I checked the price tag I was quickly brought back to reality. There was no way I could afford or justify a $110.00 Thanksgiving Centerpiececenterpiece.

I left the store empty handed, but I could not shake that centerpiece from my mind. A few days ago I was moving some things around and came across a brown candle that I have had for years and the first thing that popped into my mind was a centerpiece on a long board. I have several used boards in the garage because I make signs with them and all kinds of spray paints and stains. So all I need to do was make a trip to the dollar tree, and I found everything I needed.
Fall CenterpieceWith my trusty glue gun in hand and my wire cutters I was able to make my fabulous centerpiece.

Fall CenterpieceI cut a board that was 5-1/2 inches wide to 34 inches long and stained it the color ‘Kona’ and put a coat of matte sealer on it.

Fall CenterpieceFall CenterpieceFall CenterpieceFall CenterpieceI bought two orange pumpkins and spray painted one with metallic gold the other with Ivory and taped off some of the sections and spray painted metallic gold. I glue them with craft glue to the board because hot glue gun would have melted them.

Fall CenterpieceI glued a candle holder in the center and then placed leaves around the edges with my hot glue gun.

Fall CenterpieceI filled in the empty spaces with leaves, sunflowers, a couple crows and some raffia. I used a few pieces of wheat that I had on hand for a little more texture.

I made the Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece with stuff I already had and less than $10.00 from the dollar tree. This is a simple project that doesn’t take much time and can be enjoyed for several months.

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