My Weight Loss Battle Reset, Rewind, Redo

Weight Loss Battle

Weight Loss Battle

I was in denial  and fooling myself that this time I would lose weight and not have to struggle to keep it off. I must admit how wrong I was and that I need to reset my eating plan. I need to decrease the portion size and increase the quality of food that I’m eating. No more junk food! I always fall apart in the month of December, all of the traditional foods that I only eat at Christmas are so good and so bad. I never feel like exercising and I get so far off track, and it takes me awhile to find my way back. I was hoping this year would be different, but unfortunately it was not. In TOPS when you have a weight gain we always say “you are human, start again each day is a new beginning” Words to live by. I have gained back about 6 pounds, damn it. I have to re-start my weight loss battle.

I need to rewind back to the summer when I was being so successful with my weight loss. I drank a smoothie everyday for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. They tasted so good, but they have not been tasting that good this winter. I think because the fruit is not fresh and I am having to use more frozen products. I just need to look for other recipes and ideas. I need to start journaling my food again because there is nothing like the reality of knowing what you have put in your mouth.

I need to redo my workout program that has been pretty much none-existent since December. I really prefer to workout outside but winter has made that difficult other than shoveling all the snow. My treadmill just does’t have much appeal to me lately and it’s just collecting dust. I remind myself that I have worked too hard just to gain all that weight back. I’m not going to let that happen!

I set my new years resolution and one of them is to reach my goal weight. I will accomplish this by getting back on track. I have not attended a TOPS meeting for over a month and I know that that is the kiss of death for me, so I will swallow my pride and walk through those doors. I know they will welcome me back with open arms, and understand because most of them have been in the same place. For my exercise I have joined Curves. It’s a 30 minute exercise center for women. They also have a weight loss program if you want to try it, it does cost extra.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it and I feel like I’m getting a good workout. Everyone is friendly and the coachs are great. I alway thought Curves was for old ladies, but there are a variety of ages and I feel like I found a good home. One of the most important things I have learned is that I have to have a solid plan in place, otherwise I continue down the same destructive path. As much as I hate to admit it, I have learned that my weight loss issues are a life-time battle.

My weight loss battle plan is:

1. Back to TOPS
2. Journal my food
3. At least one salad a day
4. At least one smoothie a day
5. 4 days a week at Curves plus walking
6. Learn more about nutrition
7. Make a healthy weekly meal plan
8. When I get off track, I’m back on the next meal

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions A Success

Once again its almost a new year and time to start thinking about resolutions. I must admit I love this time of year. I’m always so ready to say good-bye to December and hello January because it is a new beginning.  A time of soul-searching and reflecting, it’s a fresh start and maybe even time to reinvent yourself. As the clock strikes twelve it’s magical and a time to reset and look forward to another year filled with the promise to be the best year yet. Okay, that maybe going a little over board, but “it’s never too late to be what you might have been” (George Eliot).
The truth is that about 45% of Americans make resolutions and about 8% achieve them. So to make your resolution become a reality you must do more than just say them. If I say I want to lose 50 pounds, stop procrastinating, get out of debt, or quilt smoking, I need to have a plan of action to put these resolutions into force to be successful. If I want to lose weight I may enlist the help of a friend to workout with and keep me accountable or join a support group. If your goal is getting out of debt, or saving money I highly recommend the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course. To quite smoking may take a visit to your doctor for medication or check your local newspaper for a class and support.
The number one resolution is losing weight and getting into shape and that is no surprise with so many Americans being overweight.

The Statistic Brain Research Institute list the 10 top resolutions as:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Getting organized
  3. Spend less, save more
  4. Enjoy life to the fullest
  5. Stay fit and healthy
  6. Learn something exciting
  7. Quilt smoking
  8. Help others in their dreams
  9. Fall in love
  10. Spend more time with family

I know several of them have been on my list over the years and I can’t say I have landed in the 8% of achieving them, but this year will be different and here is why. I will state my resolutions, write them down and make an action plan for each one. I plan on checking my list each month to see how I’m doing. This will keep my resolutions in focus so that they don’t wilt and wither by valentines day. I will not expect perfection all the time. I know that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to create a new habit and nothing happens overnight. I have nothing on my list that is not obtainable and I know I will be a better me by next year.

An example of an action plan might look like this. If my new years resolution is to save more and spend less, I will:

  • Set up an automatic withdrawal from paycheck to go into savings
  • Sign up for a Dave Ramsey course that is offered at local church or on-line
  • Set up a budget that I will revise each month if needed
  • Start clipping coupons and take a how-to coupon class
  • Use the web site site Rakinginthesavings
  • Use the web site Thedollarstretcher
  • Clean out my closet, kids toy box, and garage to have a yard sale in the spring
  • Sell items I don’t need or use on Craigslist
  • For one month I will cook meals from foods I have in my freezer and pantry
  • Plan my meals around the sales at the grocery stores weekly ads
  • Eat out less
  • Will not go shopping without a list of what I need to buy. I will stick to the list
  • Have a month of no spending (I will only pay the bills and buy groceries)
  • Turn hobbies into profit

Now that you have thought of your resolutions its time it’s time to say them out loud, pick up a pen and paper and start writing, or hit the keyboard and start typing. With some creative thinking and planning you can easily reach your new years resolutions and be one of the 8 percent that actually succeeds.

Resolutions Chalkboard

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Weight Loss Weeks 29-30

My weight loss has stalled, I go up a pound or two and then down. I feel like I’m losing my grip on the battle. I keep asking myself why has this gotten so difficult, a few months earlier I felt like I had it all under control. This time  of year has always been a struggle. It all starts with Halloween and continues through New Year with all the celebration centered around food, and I find myself asking why and searching for answers. After doing some research I feel like I have found an answer.

The average person gains about 2 to 4 pounds during the winter months. Well, I’m not average because I have been known to put on a good 20 pounds or more during the winter. We are genetically programmed to increase fat storage in the fall to survive through the winter of feast or famine. For our ancestors this was important for survival, but for us the famine never comes. This phenomenon is known as thrifty gene hypothesis.

As the days become shorter and we live in so much darkness the hormone melatonin increases and we feel sleepy and it also plays a role in our appetite. That explains why I just want to hibernate during the winter and eat comfort foods. In the winter it’s cold, wet, dark and we tend to develop lower levels of happiness, it’s called ennui. We use comfort foods for a pick-me-up. Well that pretty much describes me. The researchers suggest to increase Vitamin D by eating oily fish, get 20 minutes of sunlight exposure on our skin. Keep a food journal, think about everything you put in your mouth and ask yourself why you are eating, and exercise throughout the winter.

It was such a help to discover this. I think I have always known this and have used it as an excuse, but the research put it all into perspective. Because knowledge is power, I know how to combat this battle and survive the winter months without my usual weight gain. I will eat to live, not live to eat.

Of course I will celebrate all the holidays, but I can make better choices, like no seconds, chew gum so I will not snack while I’m cooking, and send the leftovers home with my guests. I will try some new tricks to stay motivated. Go to my meetings for accountability and support. Continue to exercise and I might purchase a happy light and see if that helps with the lack of sunshine that prevails during the long winter months in the Northwest.

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Weight Loss Week 27-28

The struggle is real! It has been a busy two weeks and not all of that has been good for my healthy life style change. It has always amazed me how a little change can throw me off track.  My brother came for a short visit it was great to see him, I hate the fact that I live so far away from the rest of my family. During his visit I ate terrible, but it was only for a couple of days. Next we had to get ready for the installation of our new hardwood floors.

We moved all the furniture out of the first floor, and ripped out all the carpet. We did that on a Sunday because that was the day we could get help moving everything. Of course we were all starving  so we ordered pizza for everyone, I planned on eating just one piece, but I ended up eating two. I have not had pizza in a long time, it just doesn’t work with weight loss. Living with the house all torn up is quite stressful.  Saturday the installer, David, started the floors and Monday he finished so most of that time I spent out of the house which involved making some unhealthy food choices. Now that I look back I could have done so much better, but I didn’t make a solid  plan and for me that is extremely important. I missed one of my weigh-ins because I had to be home to let David in and pay him when he was finished, but I know the weigh-in would not have been good.

The floors are finished and they are beautiful and life has returned to normal. On my last weight-in I lost a little so I feel like I’m getting back on track. I was on the TOPS website and saw a video about being a perfectionist and what it does to us. One point that hit home was that if we think we have failed at what we attempting to do, we go off the deep end, for example if it pertains to food once we know we have eaten something that wasn’t on our diet we say we blew it and eat everything in sight. I wish I could find the speaker’s name and book that he has published because I think it would be something I could relate to. I will continue to look for it. This week I will recommit to eating healthier and exercise outside more and it should show up on the scale.

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Weight Loss-Week 25

I had not been to TOPS for 2 weeks so when I went back and had to weigh in I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did lose, but only a half a pound. That makes me 8 pounds from my goal. I’m not in a good place and it just seems difficult to get motivated. I started journaling my food, but I only did it for a couple days. I have been in this place before only to start putting the weigh back on, but I not doing that this time. My blood pressure has been higher than normal and that is a signal I need to watch my sodium intake. The chips and chinese food are not cutting it. I have to remember to celebrate the 30 pounds that I have lose and not give up. Today was a good day, I feel like I’m back in control. It’s ok to have a cheat meal, but not a cheat week!

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