Perfect Party Time Line

Party Time Line



Party Time Line

When planning a party its hard to think of everything. Waiting tell the last few weeks or days before the party to pull it all together adds so much unneeded stress. It’s easier on the budget (and you)  if you plan it over time. That way you can look for bargains, do DIY projects and order supplies without having to pay for express shipping. Following a party time line will make planning a breeze. You will feel more confident and prepared, leaving you time to enjoy your special event.

Three Months Before

Set date, time and place
Pick theme and colors
Set budget
Secure venue if you are not having it at home
Secure party vendors such as bounce house, pony rides, face painters, etc.
Photographer if needed
Start researching parties ideas
Start purchasing party supplies and decorations
Name on the list of your favorite cake baker if they only do a limited number of cakes per week.

Two Months Before

Create a guest list
Continue purchasing party supplies that are non-perishable
Set up rentals of chairs and tables if needed
If making party decorations by hand, start now

One Month Before

Choose and order invitations
Collect all the addresses to mail out invitations
Order any banner(s) you need
Choose cake design and give it to baker
Continue to purchase non-perishable supplies
Plan menu
If setting up a candy buffet or dessert table, plan for that now
Rally a team if needed (delegate, delegate, delegate!

Three Weeks Before

Mail invitations and online invitations
Sketch out the party to make sure there is enough seating and tables for everyone, this will ensure that everything is going to work out as you have planned
Make sure anything that needs to be ordered has been to avoid rush shipping

Two Weeks Before

Start a  list of the people who have RSVP’d
Create a grocery list
Plan games and prizes for winners
Plan food layout
Plan location for coats, bags, and parking if needed

One Week Before

Create a playlist of music to fit the theme of the party
Check the guest list and follow-up if needed
Confirm  the number of guests
Prepare foods that can be frozen
Do a practice set up
Call all vendors to confirm
Plan location of gifts
Make a time line for party to keep things on time and running smoothly
Double check with volunteer helpers to make sure they on board with their assigned duties

Four Days Before

Put party favor bags together
Guest names on favors if needed
Deep clean house if party is at your residence

Two Days Before

Purchase all food
Start setting up party if you can
Iron linens if needed
Clean outside front entrance if needed

Day Before

Pick up rentals
Start preparing  food
Pick up fresh flowers
Set up as much of the party as you can
Light clean
Stock the guest bathroom with toilet paper and clean towels
If outside, mow the lawn and rake
Pick up birthday cake and desserts

Morning of Party

Spray for bugs if needed
Make drinks and chill
Finishing touches on decorations
Set up games
Finish all food preparation
Empty all garbage
Set out garbage containers
Make sure the birthday boy or girls has a healthy meal before party
Set aside time for you to get ready
Make sure the pets are secured if needed. Nothing is worse than a lost pet because someone left the door open. I know from experience, I send mine to daycare for the day

One Hour Before

Turn on music
Start putting food out
Light candles
Quick walk through to make sure it is the way you want it
Sit down, relax, and enjoy

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Halloween Dinner 2015

One of our traditions each year is that the Sunday before Halloween we all dress up in our costumes and have a Halloween Dinner of creepy food. This year we had mummy dogs, pumpkin poop, pumpkin vomit, bones, ghoul brains, scabs, eye balls, graveyard desserts, vampire blood, and swamp juice. It is so much fun and Sienna loved helping make the food. She really got into craving the peppers for the ghoul brains, decorating the eye balls and grave yard desserts. I was so impressed at the job she did.

After dinner was over we had our usual dinner show where Sienna assigns each of us an act to perform. The flash light is the spot light and she announces each act. We all laughed and applauded. I love these times because I know they won’t last forever. All too soon she will be too grown-up for this and it will all be a memory. That’s what it is all about, creating memories that will last a life time!

See Pictures of the Goulish Feast

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End of Summer Tradition

One of our family traditions is the girls get together and go to lunch at the end of summer and spend the afternoon together. We have always gone to Beverly’s and have never been disappointed, until this year. When we arrived at the restaurant it was not very busy, even though it was 12:30 p.m. I was thinking to myself, ‘we beat the rush, that’s great’ and then we discovered why.

The food was good but not as spectacular as it has been in past years and the presentation was lacking. Usually it is such a happy place and they make you feel so welcome and special, not so much this year. The service was not up to their standard. I had to ask for bread, the waiter couldn’t find a dessert menu and he never checked with us to see how our food was. From start to finish we were there for over two hours, which is a little much since we had a 7month old and 7 year old with us. Thank goodness the kids were well behaved so the wait wasn’t a big problem. The one thing I missed was the complementary huckleberry lemonade they usually serve in small glasses.

On the bright side the French Onion soup was delicious. Everyone enjoyed their meal and they made Sara’s meal dairy free which I thought was very nice that she was able to get what she wanted.  We did find out that they are having some management changes, so maybe that why it wasn’t up to standard. The view of the lake was beautiful and spending time with the girls can never happen too often. It is wonderful to take time out of everyones busy schedule to spend time together and be thankful we live in such a beautiful area.

Usually we walk around town and look at all the changes that have taken place, but this year it was raining so we didn’t do that. Instead we went to Paris In Blue, a boutique in town that is filled with unique items from baby stuff and Oprah’s favorites to special chocolates. She always has new items each time I have been there so it never gets boring. Sienna bought a collectors stuffed mouse from Paris with her allowance that she had been saving. On the way home we decided that we would give Beverly’s another try next year and hope it’s back to the Beverly’s we remember and love.

Click here to view pictures

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Circus Birthday Party

Circus Birthday Party



Who doesn’t love a circus? All the excitement, the pony rides, cotton candy, snow cones, games, bright colors, the music, face painting, balloon animals and of course cake and ice cream. The perfect party for a 4 year old!

To see the full party, click here

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Tapas on the Patio

I prepared tapas for a small get together on my patio, OK, only my husband and I attended, but it was a practice run for the a real get together I’m planning later this summer. I don’t like trying new recipes out on friends if I haven’t eaten them myself. I was pleased with the results and everything was delicious and something I’d be proud to serve.

Tapas originated in Spain, they were small savory dishes typically served with drinks at a  bar. But they can be canapés or appetizers or a variety of foods served hot or cold. Tapas have evolved into an entire sophisticated cuisine.

I served Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Bruschetta, Mini Filet Mignons and Mini Chocolate Layer Cakes

Tapas on the Patio

Tapas on the Patio


Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Bruschetta with Sweet Balsamic Glaze. Food Network

Mini Filet Mignon

Mini Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and topped with blue cheese. Sweet and Savory by Shinne

Mini Chocolate Layer Cakes.

Mini Chocolate Layer Cakes, Fudgy light cake layers filled with pistachio butter creme.             Sweet and Savory by Shinne




Tapas table chalk paint centerpiece

Chalk painted centerpiece

Tapas on the Patio

Setting for Tapas on the Patio

Tapas layout


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