My Weight Loss Battle Reset, Rewind, Redo

Weight Loss Battle

Weight Loss Battle

I was in denial  and fooling myself that this time I would lose weight and not have to struggle to keep it off. I must admit how wrong I was and that I need to reset my eating plan. I need to decrease the portion size and increase the quality of food that I’m eating. No more junk food! I always fall apart in the month of December, all of the traditional foods that I only eat at Christmas are so good and so bad. I never feel like exercising and I get so far off track, and it takes me awhile to find my way back. I was hoping this year would be different, but unfortunately it was not. In TOPS when you have a weight gain we always say “you are human, start again each day is a new beginning” Words to live by. I have gained back about 6 pounds, damn it. I have to re-start my weight loss battle.

I need to rewind back to the summer when I was being so successful with my weight loss. I drank a smoothie everyday for breakfast and sometimes for dinner. They tasted so good, but they have not been tasting that good this winter. I think because the fruit is not fresh and I am having to use more frozen products. I just need to look for other recipes and ideas. I need to start journaling my food again because there is nothing like the reality of knowing what you have put in your mouth.

I need to redo my workout program that has been pretty much none-existent since December. I really prefer to workout outside but winter has made that difficult other than shoveling all the snow. My treadmill just does’t have much appeal to me lately and it’s just collecting dust. I remind myself that I have worked too hard just to gain all that weight back. I’m not going to let that happen!

I set my new years resolution and one of them is to reach my goal weight. I will accomplish this by getting back on track. I have not attended a TOPS meeting for over a month and I know that that is the kiss of death for me, so I will swallow my pride and walk through those doors. I know they will welcome me back with open arms, and understand because most of them have been in the same place. For my exercise I have joined Curves. It’s a 30 minute exercise center for women. They also have a weight loss program if you want to try it, it does cost extra.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I like it and I feel like I’m getting a good workout. Everyone is friendly and the coachs are great. I alway thought Curves was for old ladies, but there are a variety of ages and I feel like I found a good home. One of the most important things I have learned is that I have to have a solid plan in place, otherwise I continue down the same destructive path. As much as I hate to admit it, I have learned that my weight loss issues are a life-time battle.

My weight loss battle plan is:

1. Back to TOPS
2. Journal my food
3. At least one salad a day
4. At least one smoothie a day
5. 4 days a week at Curves plus walking
6. Learn more about nutrition
7. Make a healthy weekly meal plan
8. When I get off track, I’m back on the next meal