Weight Loss – Week 26

I gained a pound at my last weigh-in and everyone at TOPS was so supportive, they reminded me that this was my first gain and how well I have done. They are such an amazing group, I got a nice card in the mail reminding me that my gain was just a bump in the road on my weight loss journey and that I was an inspiration. How sweet was that, it helps me to not be so hard on myself.

My back has been bothering me so I have had to decrease my exercise. It is much better after seeing my wonderful massage therapist Katie Knapp. I swear she can work miracles. She gave me some stretches to do along with ice and heating instructions. In just a couple of days it improved by 90 percent, so next week I’ll be back to a regular exercise routine.

We will soon be getting hardwood floors in our house and I have so much to do to get ready.  Saturday I will pack up dishes and breakables and Sunday move furniture to the garage so that should help with my exercise and hopefully next week I will have a loss.

Weight Loss-Week 25

I had not been to TOPS for 2 weeks so when I went back and had to weigh in I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did lose, but only a half a pound. That makes me 8 pounds from my goal. I’m not in a good place and it just seems difficult to get motivated. I started journaling my food, but I only did it for a couple days. I have been in this place before only to start putting the weigh back on, but I not doing that this time. My blood pressure has been higher than normal and that is a signal I need to watch my sodium intake. The chips and chinese food are not cutting it. I have to remember to celebrate the 30 pounds that I have lose and not give up. Today was a good day, I feel like I’m back in control. It’s ok to have a cheat meal, but not a cheat week!

Home Improvements

New Hardwood

We are so excited! We have made the decision that it is time to tear out the old dirty carpet from the first floor of our house and replace it with hardwood. Several years ago we replaced the carpet in the dinning room with bamboo and we really liked that, but to make it all match we will have it tear it out and re-do it. No, we are not going to do this ourselves, first of all we want it done right, we don’t want to end up in the ER, and we want it done in a timely manner.

We have chosen our contractor and the wood, that was a process. There are so many kinds of floors to choose from. Thankfully Michael and I have similar taste so that helps make the decision much easier.  Yesterday we ordered the wood which will take about a week to arrive .This doesn’t seem real because we have talked about doing this for so long. We have to remove all the furniture from the house and that won’t be much fun.  I hate moving even if it is only to the garage. It will be beautiful in the end and that is the thought I’m going to hang on to as I pack up all the dishes from my buffets, (and lift that heavy sofa)!  I will share before and after photos as well as our journey along the way.
Stay Tuned!

Broccoli Stir Fry

Broccoli Stir Fry, this is one you are going to want to try!

Broccoli Stir Fry is delicious, quick, healthy, and easy to make. I usually double or triple the sauce depending on how many vegetables are used. I use a mixture of vegetables depending on what I have on hand. The sauce should be prepared before you start cooking the broccoli. I serve it with brown rice or soba noodles.
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