Weight Loss-Week 23-24

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and my weight loss has been thrown off track. At my last weigh-in I lost 1.4 pounds, but since then my loss has stopped and I have gained about 2 pounds that I can’t seem to lose. It’s down a few ounces and then back up. That has made it hard to keep focus. My husband has had several days off and I find myself not eating as healthy as I should be. I have been walking, but it has been so smoky from all the surrounding forest fires and this has really effected how I feel. I have missed a couple days of exercising, on the news they recommend not exercising outside because of the poor air quality. We also had a family reunion last Saturday and it was so fun to see everyone and the food was delicious and of course, I ate too much. My next weigh-in is on Monday and I’m sure I will have my first weight gain since I started this journey, but that’s OK, I am human. My plan is to get back on track by starting to journal my food with my free printable ‘Weekly Food Journal’ and add an extra day of walking.

Circus Birthday Party

Circus Birthday Party



Who doesn’t love a circus? All the excitement, the pony rides, cotton candy, snow cones, games, bright colors, the music, face painting, balloon animals and of course cake and ice cream. The perfect party for a 4 year old!

To see the full party, click here

Photo-Memo Board

Photo-Memo Board
Photo-Memo Board

A Photo-Memo Board makes a great gift for a teenager or any age including grandparents. It’s easy to make and can be used and made in many different ways for different looks. You can make it to match any decor and it’s a fun way to personalize any room.

You will find the instructions to make this on my Photo-Memo page

Weight Loss – Week 22

We had our officer installation at TOPS and I did the decorating, I think it turned out nice. I got a lot of compliments on how great it looked. We also had a potluck after the meeting, I brought a black bean salad which is very health and low calorie. It was the lowest calorie dish there! I thought because we were a weight loss group low cal would be the best option, not true.  Everything was so delicious, but it was not diet food. It was a reminder that it is ok to have a splurge meal every now and then. I got an award for ‘consistent loser’ which was a nice surprise. I lost a pound this week which I was pleased with because the closer I get to my goal the harder it is, but thats ok because I know I will get there. Each week we take turns giving a program, talk or lesson. Next week I have to give the program of my choice, lucky me! (I hate this sort of thing). I don’t like talking in front of others, but I guess i’ll get through it. I’m planning on doing something were everyone is involved and sharing their success’s and failures. This weeks goals are drinking lots of water, walking, and working on the program I have to present.

Hendrick’s Signature Margarita

Hendrick's Signature Margarita

This is one of the best Margaritas you will ever taste. It’s our favorite summer drink with just the right amount of tartness. Our guests always rave about our margaritas when we serve them.

Hendrick’s Signature Margarita

Rub a wedge of lime on the rim of a margarita glass and dip into salt
3 cups crushed ice
1/2 of 12oz can frozen limeade concentrate
equal parts of Tequila (6 oz)
add ingredients into blender

blend in the blender until smooth, pour into prepared glass serve with a wedge of lime.
To make a fruit margarita substitute 1 cup of frozen fruit for 1 cup of ice. Serves 3.

Hendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature MargaritaHendrick's Signature Margarita