Weight Loss Journey

I’ve decided once again it is time to get off the extra weight I have accumulated over the last few years. My struggle has been ongoing, I have lost the weight and kept it off for several years, but eventually it finds its way back. In the past I have taken weight off when I joined T.O.P.S (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).  I have tried by cutting back but find myself not being successful for very long and the scale keeps moving up. As I’m no longer working, I’m eating like every day is the weekend and feel miserable and really bad about myself. It’s time to make some changes so I looked up the TOPS website and found a meeting that would work for me.

TOPS is perfect for me, it keep me accountable because you have to weigh-in at every weekly meeting and it helps keep me focused. You can follow your own diet but they have  books if you want more structure.  I’m not following any certain diet, I’m making life style changes that I can do for the rest of my life. The group of ladies and men that I meet with are very kind and supportive and have many good suggestion and ideas.

My plan is to eat less meat, less sugar and increase my vegetables and fruit. My first motto is ‘lean and clean’. I’m increasing my exercising by using my treadmill more and increasing the intensity of my workouts.  My second motto is ‘move it and lose it’.

Week 1
The meeting was great and I know I’m going to like this group, they are very welcoming. The weigh-in was not much fun, the moment of truth with the realization of how much weight I have to lose. I paid the dues to join and left feeling energized  and I know I can do this.

Week 2
I got up early and ready to go to the meeting I am excited to weigh-in because I know I have lost weight. I had a good week and stuck to my eating plan and exercised. I parked my car and went up to the door to find it locked. I banged on it but no one heard me. It’s a very heavy wooded door and everyone is in another room with the door closed. I waited for about a half an hour just incase someone else showed up and they knew how to get in, but know one did. I wanted to let them know I was here so I wrote a note and digging in my purse I found a band-aid and stuck the note to the TOPS sign. I left felt very rejected and feeling sorry for myself.  Maybe they didn’t like me or want me in their group, then I told myself don’t be silly, you’re over reacting.  A few hours later the leader called me and apologized, she said it was an accident that the door was locked and then I felt so much better.

Week 3
I lost 3.5 pounds, Yeah for me!  My eating plan is getting easier, I’m finding new recipes to make that are really good.  I was watching public television and the speaker was saying she does HIT (High Intensity Training) on her treadmill and I thought if she can do it so can I.  I walk for 1.5 minutes and run for 30 seconds after I warm up, I do ten cycles.  I love the feeling of getting stronger.  My goal for next week it to start adding some weights, doing push-ups and squats, and being more supportive of my other TOPS members.

Week 4
I lost 1.5 pounds, I eat pretty healthy and exercised most days. This weeks program was on climbing mountains the excuses we make and lies we tell ourselves to avoid things. That sure hit home. This week will be rough with Easter on Sunday.  My goal is to increase my exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables. As of this week, I lost 5 pounds and my reward was picking out a charm. I love this group

Week 5
Easter was great, we had a brunch which included  eggs Benedict, fruit salad, muffins and mimosa.  A dinner of ham, potato salad, carrots, and chocolate scotcharoos for dessert. I ate more than I planned. I knew this would happen, so I ate very healthy all week and kicked up my exercising.  When it came time to weigh-in I was very nervous, but to my surprise I lost 1.8 pounds.  All my planning  and hard work paid off.

Week 6
I worked out and ate pretty well all week, but on Sunday I was really in the mood to go out for breakfast. We went to a new restaurant called Chompers. The food was good and so unhealthy.  I ate eggs, biscuits and gravy with bacon.  I felt terrible the rest of the day, my stomach hurt and I had to take an acid reducer.  I guess I’m not used to eating like that anymore.  I lost another pound and I felt good about that. My goal for next week is to continue to exercise and try something new like stretching or yoga and try some new recipes.

Week 7: I lost another pound, I’m feeling good about my weight loss.  My energy level is dropping in the afternoon because my blood pressure is getting to low.  I talked to my doctor and I will cut my blood pressure medication in half.  One of the side effects of losing weight is lower blood pressure, this means I can lower my dose or get off of medications, a side affect I can live with! (I monitor my blood pressure every day)

Week 8
I had a couple of rough days, I keep thinking of places I could go eat that would make me happy for the moment, but I know I would hate myself later. Fish-n-chips and cupcakes keep calling my name, but somehow I resisted. I lost 2.5 pounds, I was amazed.  Losing the pounds was much better than any junk food would have tasted.

Week 9
I lost another pound, Yeah!  I have been struggling more, I don’t think my desire for sweets will ever go away.  In the evening I really want sugar.  Eating an orange or strawberries helps, but it’s not a chocolate bar.  I know I will have sweets on Mother’s Day, I can wait.

Week 10
What a tough week, it was full of stress.  I was hungry all week and no matter what I ate, I never felt satisfied.  Our community had a police officer shot to death and even though I didn’t know him personally my daughter did, as well as many of my Facebook friends. It was on the news daily and was such a tragedy for this tight-knit community.  I realized on Monday morning that was why I had such bad week.  Being stressed I wanted to turn to food for comfort, but I struggled to resist.  I still lost a pound, but my heart wasn’t  in it.  My goal for next week is to kick up the exercise and focus on my goal of 24 more pounds to lose. Thank God for TOPS.

Week 11
Why are weekends so hard?  I’m way better than I was 4 months ago so that’s a big improvement.  I lost another pound at my weigh-in this morning, I’ve lost a total of 14.7 lbs so far!  The TOPS group is so supportive it really makes a difference, I would have never done this without them.  Next week is Memorial Day weekend and we have been invited to a family function with lots of food and drinks.  I will make sure I have eaten something healthy before I go so I’m not starving and will try to eat only one dessert.

Week 12
I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 12 weeks.  Although I’m still losing, I have had to really focus on eating healthy.  Each week brings it’s own set of challenges, my allergies have been bad and I have felt so tired so have not exercised much.  There is a lot going on in my life right now and these are the times I used to turn to junk food.  I have not done that so I feel I’m making process in that area.  On Sunday I got the news that my brother was in the hospital with chest pains but I did not want to turn to food for comfort.  My goal for next week is to continue to work on a list of my best diet tips that have helped me with my weight loss, I hope to publish it soon.  My plan is to exercise everyday next week.

Week 13
I lost 1.8 pounds this week I have lost more than 10 percent of my body weight, hooray!  It was a pretty good week. I have been so busy with yard work, getting my flowers planted and weeds pulled that I haven’t thought much about food until Saturday. We went to a fund raiser for a soccer team, it was breakfast at Applebee’s.  Everyone got a plate of 2 small pancakes, 2 sausage links and scrambled eggs.  I ate the pancakes, sausage and a couple bites of eggs. I left feeling like I wanted more to eat and had to fight the urge to eat junk food all day.  What we don’t do for charity!  It helps that I don’t have junk food in the house.  I increased my water and put my energy into a project I’m working on.  Next weeks goals are to clean, clean, clean since my sister is coming to visit at the end of June. Finish edging the flower beds and pull more weeds to get them all in tip top shape. Keep up the exercise and try a new vegetable dish.  Send a card to a TOPS member who is thinking of giving up.