End of Summer Tradition


One of our family traditions is we girls go out to lunch at the end of summer.  Now that the weather is starting to change, tourists have gone home, the kids are back in school and life has started to slow down, it’s a time to stop and observe the beautiful area we live in.

We always go to the same restaurant, Beverly’s, because of the spectacular view of the lake, the food is delicious, the service is top notch, we are never disappointed.  Once we finished our leisurely

Chief Mike works his magic

Chief Mike works his magic

lunch, we wandered downtown to shop through a few overpriced boutiques and finished by finding Mudgy and Millie, the famous Moose and Mouse statute.

We talk about how we can’t wait until next year, to do our outing again and be a tourist in our own beautiful town for an afternoon.

Mudgy & Millie

Mudgy & Millie




Changing Seasons

I have worked at the same job for over 23 years and more than once I was the only technician. My Doctor decided to retire which he definitely earned. He was unable to sell the practice so decided to close the doors. My final end date kept moving all over the place, at one point I was told it would be around November and another time it was July 24th. With no final date, I just kept coming to work thinking every day was my last. On the day I was sure was my last day, I said ‘Good-bye’. The doctor said “You’re not coming back? I could use you another day.” This turned into 3 more days. On Friday at noon, there was nothing else to do, it was over. Finally I had awakened from my ‘Groundhog Day’, now I can move forward.

Feeling a little hurt and lost, I did what I do best; I went shopping and had lunch. First I stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some supplies for a painting job that I plan on doing. Next, I went to lunch and had a delicious sandwich then used the restroom. I decided it was time to get over the pity party I was having, 23 years of dedicated work.  So I headed to the fabric store which was around the corner at the end of the strip mall. After just arriving inside the fabric store and looking at some small signs, a very nice lady came running through the front doors and up to me. “Miss, miss, this may sound rude, but you have something in the back and pointed to my backside.” I reached around to find a long strip of toilet paper hanging down from the waistband of my brown pants! I laughed and thanked her a couple of times, then her friend came bursting through the door… “Did you tell her? Did you tell her?… Oh God.” Now that we had everyones attention and I had a handful of toilet paper, I thought to myself, can this day get any stranger? I gained my pride and moved on. I shopped a few more stores looking for items on my list but bought nothing because I don’t have a job anymore.

I came home and put my painting supplies away, turned on the computer, called my daughter. When I finished talking I set my iPhone on the coffee table, got up to do a few things and turned around to find my dog with my cell phone in his mouth. I hollered his name and he dropped it, but not before he cracked the screen.

My husband came home from work and we went out to dinner at a local hamburger joint. We were finishing our burger and he pointed out that I had a big glob of fry sauce on the front of my shirt. I blurted out, “God, can this day get any worse?!” We got in the car to head home and I proceeded to tell him about my day, we were both laughing so hard and I realized that yes, the day could have been a lot worse!

I have so much to be thankful for and have been blessed in so many ways.

Now to move forward and start getting serious about losing 30 pounds of myself and enjoying some me-time. No more pity party!